Oscars 2015- My top 5 best fashion moments

First of all, can I even be forgiven for how long I’ve been gone? I think not. But because I know you’re all very kind and comprehensive people, I’ll assume you are able to find some kind of forgiveness in your heart for me.

But let’s get into what’s actually relevant and what everyone is buzzing about: The Oscars. Oh, we know, every year around this time, people all over the world get glued to their TVs and computers to see who wore what. I mean, how could we not? I know I wish I could trade places with stars like Felicity Jones or Rosamund Pike, but while switching bodies isn’t actually a ”thing”, all I can really do is drool over what they wear.

It was indeed difficult to choose my top 5 best dressed because this year everyone looked ravishing!! (Well, except for Lady Gaga and those red gloves… The dress? Gorgeous. The gloves? Not so much. Well, no one would do that except for her, I’ll give her that!). After deliberating, here are my top choices:

5. Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad couture


(Heavily breathing) I can’t get enough of how stunning she looks. Besides the fact that she is naturally gorgeous (having dark hair and blue eyes shouldn’t even be fair – especially because I don’t!), this dress fits her like a glove: sexy but not too reveling. Props to you Jenna!

4. Rosamund Pike in Givenchy



Being one of the nominees for Best Leading Actress, she knew all eyes would be on her, which meant she had to ”bring it”. And she did! This red Givenchy dress hugs her in all the right places (and can we talk about that waistline?!). You would think that with this powerful red beauty, red shoes would be a no-no. Guess what? Rose proved us wrong. Those killer red heels finish off the look perfectly. Love it.

3. Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent



There’s something about blonde hair, fair skin, red lips and black clothes that I can’t really get tired of. I mean, come on. Should it even be allowed for someone to look like this? I loved this dress instantly when I saw it, especially when complemented with that statement necklace. On point!

2. Naomi Watts in Armani Privé



As soon as I saw Naomi on the red carpet, my jaw dropped. I knew instantly that this would be one of my absolute favorites (let’s not even get into how hard it was to choose between putting this as my second or first choice). Love love love how edgy and fresh she looks. With the barely there makeup and this a-m-a-z-i-n-g dress, Naomi looks sexier than ever.

(drum roll, please)

1. Emma Stone in Elie Saab



Admit it, you saw this one coming. How could I not include Emma stone’s fab Elie Saab gown? If someone can pull it off is definitely Emma. After that elegant and chic jumpsuit she showed up in at the Golden Globes, we were obviously expecting another great appearance from Miss Stone. Were you let down? I most certainly was not.

Stay tuned for more posts


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