Fashion obsession of the moment: Elie Saab

If you read my last post, which I hope you did (and if you didn’t… what are you doing with your life?!), you’d know that I absolutely loved Emma Stone’s Elie Saab gown. Chic and simple, she really nailed it. In fact, looking back on the award season, I noticed that a lot of my favorite dresses from other award ceremonies were Elie Saab creations (remember that vibrant and mind-blowing turquoise dress Taylor Swift rocked at the Grammys? Yes, Elie Saab). It was then obvious that I had to know more about this designer.

Checking his previous collections, one thing is sure: I feel in love.

Spring and Summer 2015 – Ready to Wear

Can’t say anything much other than: perfection. In his ready to wear line, besides a few pieces, Elie Saab kept it all pretty simple, with clean lines, a few touches of lace, color degrade and, above all, he kept it so utterly sophisticated. I was beyond impressed, maybe because I’m a big fan of this style. For me, less is definitely more.

1 PicMonkey Collage23

Spring and Summer 2015 – Haute Couture

If I was a celebrity and I needed a dress for the Oscars, Elie Saab would definitely be one of my top choices (my only problem would be choosing which one). Stepping into a nature vibe, ruffles, feathers and delicate sequins were the key components in Elie’s collection. It’s, indeed, hard not to fall in love.

1 2 3 4

Elie Saab is debuting his Ready to Wear Autumn and Winter 2015-2016 collection March 7th. You know who’s not going to miss it? (Tip: me, myself and I)

Stay tuned for more posts


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