Today’s eats #1

If you don’t know it yet, I’m a big food addict. Seriously, I love to eat. However, eating all the time might not be the best thing when trying to get fit and healthy. For that exact reason, I’m also a big healthy food junkie. Therefore, I’m always looking for new healthy recipes. I thought it would be fun to show you what I eat and to share some of those delicious recipes here and there. However, if you’re looking for some meaty recipes, sorry to disappoint you, but all recipes I’ll post are vegan.

                         ↠  Warning: You may have to fight the urge to eat your screen 

↠ Breakfast ↞


Banana and cocoa oats

As I got up late and had lunch around 1p.m, I didn’t really have a morning snack

Lunch ↞


Whole grain rice with sauteed vegetables

↠ Afternoon snack ↞


Apple and oats pie (I had one slice. Or two. Ok, fine, three)


Ups. Thought you’d see a picture here? Well, as I was in a rush to go catch the bus to go back to uni, I forgot to take a photo of my dinner, but it basically consisted in soup that my mom made. I had to servings and I finished off with a banana.

Stay tuned for more posts


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